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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Fully automated single and multi-wafer measurements across temperature
  • Drivers for most common probers, switch matrixes, and thermal controlled chucks included
  • Full wafer map support
  • Fast—supports measurements with 407X and 408X Keysight Parametric Test systems
  • Includes many pre-defined example test plans to facilitate easy and efficient start-up
  • No operator supervision required, wafer realignment at temperature change is automatic
  • View real-time results, status, data and plots without interrupting test
  • Monitor location, status, results and data during execution; receive updates via email
  • Graceful exception handling per user-defined Pass/Fail criteria
  • Advanced architecture enables efficient organization of data and fast data analysis & processing
  • Test plans run seamlessly on different test stations with different hardware
  • Supports broad range of DC/CV and RF measurements
  • Support for measuring any n-terminal device (MOS, DIODE, passives, etc.)
  • Save to multiple file formats (.mdm and .csv)
  • Features a Test Mode (run simulations rather than measurements) and a Post Process Mode for test and development flexibility
  • Features a powerful Debug mode to further support ease of customization and testing


IC-CAP Wafer Professional Measurement (WaferPro) is a turnkey automated measurement application for device modeling engineers who do DC/CV and RF measurements, which is fully integrated into the IC-CAP platform. WaferPro was designed in partnership with major semiconductor companies. It takes advantage of IC-CAP’s powerful measurement and programming environment to enable a library of efficient measurement routines (built-in and user defined), such as adaptive measurement algorithms, which can greatly reduce the overall measurement time and add efficiency. It is simple enough that one can have it running in one day, yet customizable and flexible enough, that it can be adapted and optimized for a wide variety of test and measurement environments.

How IC-CAP Wafer Pro Works

IC-CAP WaferPro is a measurement solution integrated with IC-CAP and other test equipment enabling efficient coordination of the full test environment, with the ability to control and specify the wafer mapping, devices, test conditions, calibration and data to be collected. Data files are saved automatically and a variety of file formats are supported.

WaferPro is easy to navigate and customize. For a typical test plan project, the user would start by defining a wafer map, and then specify wafer characteristics such as die and substrate locations, and the type and characteristics of the devices to be measured, and also pin or probe card references per the type of hardware being used. The user can then readily, per their testing needs and objectives, group and differentiate devices, per which type of measurement(s) should be applied, - spot, swept, DC, RF, etc.

Measurement routines are completely customizable and are defined in the IC-CAP model environment, enabling the user to leverage existing PEL code for post processing measured results (for example, for calculating fT, gmax or Vt). When running the test plan, a log is displayed and the log is continuously updated with the measurement results. It is easy to select a line in the history log and display measured data for a specific device.

IC-CAP Wafer Pro

In summary, IC-CAP WaferPro:

  • Is a powerful Measurement and Characterization Test Plan Suite for Device Modeling Engineers
  • Works out of the box with many benches and test stations, including Keysight Parametric Testers
  • Allows the level of necessary customization to maximize measurement efficiency
  • Builds the foundations to enable advanced Statistical Analysis and Modeling

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