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Principais recursos e especificações

Deep memory waveform capture:

  • Up to 4096 samples/bit, up to 2^23 bits long
  • Create rich data files ideal for post-processing using your favorite analysis program
  • Save precision waveform files for Standards based measurements such as Transmitted Waveform Dispersion Penalty (TWDP)
  • Limited only by the size of your hard disk or memory stick

Built-in Linear Feedforward Equalizer (LFE):

  • Model equalizer designs on actual signals before designing hardware
  • Adjust number of taps (up to 15), tap gains, tap delay, and equalizer bandwidth
  • Automatic tap optimization using PRBS patterns
  • Perform simultaneous before and after eye waveform measurements

Real-time, integrated MATLAB measurements:

  • Measurement scripts – create custom measurements for your application
  • Waveform scripts – apply software filters to measured waveforms and display the results directly on the DCA-X
  • Operates in Eye Mask, Scope, and TDR/TDT modes
  • Many built-in scripts including Transmitter Waveform Dispersion Penalty (TWDP) wrapper, De-Emphasis measurements, Transition and Non-Transition waveforms, and Simulated Eye Diagrams from TDT traces.


Accelerate your design cycles with deeper insights in less time.

86100D-201 Advanced Waveform Analysis adds three power features to the 86100D DCA-X:

  1. Deep memory waveform capture
  2. Integrated Linear Feed-forward Equalizer (LFE)
  3. Support for real-time MATLAB analysis

Capture deep memory waveforms and save them as a .csv file for post-processing. The waveform file is highly accurate since it leverages the measurement fidelity of the 86100D – wide bandwidth, low jitter, low noise – but it also minimizes timebase error by using a unique acquisition technique as it steps through the pattern.

Open closed eyes by using the integrated Linear Feedforward Equalizer (LFE). Emulate your equalizer in SW before you build it!

86100D-201 Advanced Waveform Analysis Software

Are you using a more complicated equalizer design? Do you want to filter or process a waveform and display it in real-time? No problem, create your filter or equalizer design in a MATLAB® script and process the incoming waveform using the integrated MATLAB capability.

Need a special measurement not available on your scope? You can easily create custom real-time measurements on your 86100D using the integrated MATLAB interface. The possibilities are limitless.

Install your existing MATLAB license onto the 86100D, or purchase a license directly from Keysight when you buy a new scope: MATLAB Data analysis software for oscilloscopes