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Principais recursos e especificações

Jitter Mode provides automated jitter decomposition into:

  • Total Jitter (TJ) – user adjustable BER probability
  • Random Jitter (RJ)
  • Deterministic Jitter (DJ) with additional decomposition into Periodic Jitter (PJ), Data Dependent Jitter (DDJ), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), and Intersymbol Interference (ISI)
  • Periodic Jitter Frequency Identification: Analysis and identification of PJ into Sub-Rate Jitter (SRJ) and Asynchronous PJ frequency components

Quickly and accurately analyze a wide variety of signals and applications:

  • Optical and Electrical signals, including Fibre Channel, IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet, SONET/SDH, PCI Express, FBD, SATA, SAS, Infiniband and others
  • Data rate coverage from 100Mb/s to over 40Gb/s
  • Data displayed using graphical plots, bathtub curves displayed in logBER or Q-Scale, frequency spectrum displays
  • Easy setup and fast results: ONE button touch initiates automated signal detection, precision measurements, and comprehensive results reported in ~7 seconds (example using PRBS7 pattern)

The integrated FlexDCA user interface adds the following to 86100D-200:

  • New measurements such as Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage (DDPWS), Uncorrelated Jitter (UJ), J2, J9, and more
  • Display Jitter and Amplitude results simultaneously
  • Jitter on equalized or simulated signals (requires 86100D-SIM for de-embedding/embedding)
  • Customizable user interface

86100D DCA-X is a sampling scope whose architecture provides the ultimate in accuracy:

  • Wide bandwidth, ultra-low intrinsic jitter, low noise, and advanced analysis algorithms yield the highest accuracy in jitter measurements.
  • Wide bandwidth channels with “well behaved” roll-off characteristics deliver very low intrinsic data dependent jitter (DDJ) and allow analysis of jitter on all data rates to 40 Gb/s and beyond
  • Accurately reproduce your signal by capturing higher order harmonics without the noise found in other jitter analyzers
  • Pattern Lock triggering technology provides sampling efficiency that make jitter measurements very fast


The industry's most accurate jitter analyzer measures subcomponent jitter sources with one-button ease of use.

As data rates increase in both electrical and optical applications, jitter is an ever increasing measurement challenge. Decomposition of jitter into its constituent components is becoming more critical. It provides critical insight for jitter budgeting and performance optimization in device and system designs. Many communications standards require jitter decomposition for compliance. Traditionally, techniques for separation of jitter have been complex and often difficult to configure, and availability of instruments for separation of jitter becomes limited as data rates increase.

86100D-200 Enhanced Jitter Analysis (Jitter Mode) provides simple, one button setup and execution of jitter analysis. It decomposes jitter into its constituent components and presents jitter data in various insightful displays. Combined with 86100D-300 Advanced Amplitude Analysis, the DCA-X will further analyze a signal’s ONE and ZERO levels, decomposing amplitude impairments into random (noise) and deterministic interference just like it does for jitter (timing) impairments using 86100D-200.

Jitter Mode is licensed to an individual 86100D mainframe (requires hardware option 86100D-ETR Enhanced Trigger) using the instrument’s host ID and serial number. Jitter Mode operates with any DCA measurement module and covers all data rates, removing the traditional data rate limitations found with other jitter analyzers. Order 86100D-200 with the purchase of a new 86100D DCA-X mainframe, or order 86100DU-200 when upgrading an existing 86100D mainframe.


86100D in jitter mode