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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Driver for the B1505A Power Device Analyzer — IC-CAP now supports the B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer. The Keysight B1505A meets the most challenging power device evaluation requirements, in a one box solution. Accurately evaluate and characterize power devices up to 3000 volts and 20 amps and measure capacitance at 3000V of DC bias.
  • Keysight 85194Q HiSIM_HV Extraction Package now supports HiSIM_HV model version 1.1.1
  • Keysight 85194K BSIM4 CMOS Extraction Package now supports BSIM4 model version 4.6.2
  • Keysight 85194P PSP Extraction Package now supports PSP model version 103.0
  • Enhanced customization of the extraction flow in MOS packages – provides an extensive and flexible new user tool enabling not only the customization of tuning and optimization of user-selected parameters, but also fully user defined extraction calculations and PEL programs
  • HSPICE Compatibility Mode Simulation in ADS — enables HSPICE circuit simulation with ADS
  • New PEL functions whoami() and whois() — powerful new PEL functions facilitate greater programming efficiency and scope


IC-CAP 2009 Update 1

The Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is the industry standard platform for DC and High Frequency measurement and modeling of semiconductor devices. IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 continues to provide innovative modeling solutions by introducing several new model versions in MOS extraction packages as well as other enhancements and new features. The new model versions include HiSIM_HV 1.1.1, BSIM 4.6.2, and PSP 103.0. IC-CAP 2008 introduced running simulations in Spectre compatibilty mode with ADS, thus enhancing model generation and library maintainance efficiency, and IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 now introduces support for running ADS simulations in HSPICE compatibilty mode. Addition of a driver for the new B1505A Power Device Analyzer and Curve Tracer makes it possible to measure a new class of high power devices and device technologies, including pulsed measurements. The new Status Window program control buttons provide more dynamic control over measurement control and program execution.

Overall, IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 contains more than 60 requests for enhancements, updates and bug fixes, suggested by customers, CAD groups, and Keysight field and marketing engineers.

MOS Model Version Extraction Package Updates

Model reference sites:

Additionally, the MOS packages now include the very powerful Configuration Wizard feature which provides fully interactive options to customize model extractions. This feature supports not only fully custom optimization and tuning steps, but also allows unrestricted use of user-defined extraction algorithms and PEL programs. The customized extractions are now both easy to define and easy to integrate. Define and use as many custom model extraction procedures as you want.

IC-CAP Configuration Wizard

Simulation with HSPICE Compatibility Mode in ADS

HSPICE remains one of the primary simulators used by device modeling engineers, foundries and PDK development engineers. The link to ADS in this mode is preconfigured in the usersimulators file such that all the user needs to do is set the SIMULATOR variable in their model Variables to hspicemodeads. The Circuit will now be parsed and rule-checked as if it were to be sent to hspice simulator. The HSPICE compatibility mode supports:

  • most elements and models
  • common syntax structures (.subckt, .include, .lib, .param)
  • selected .options

The B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

An especially challenging area for modeling engineers has been high power and pulsed measurements. IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 includes a driver for the Keysight B1505 Power Device Analyzer and Curve Tracer. Such measurements are now possible with excellent accuracy and resolution. Supported SMUs include B1510A HPSMU (200V/1A), B1512A HCSMU (20A/20V pulsed, 1A/40V DC), B1513A HVSMU (1500V/8mA;3000V/4m, pulsed and DC) and B1520A MFCMU 1kHz-5MHz and up to 3000V DC.

B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

The B1505A can be used to measure devices in pulsed mode, and is fully compatible with the HiSIM_HV and other extraction packages.

For more information, refer to the B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer.

Status Window PEL Control Buttons

In IC-CAP 2009 Update 1, custom buttons can be added to the IC-CAP Status Window to interact with PEL program execution such as automated measurement or extraction. It is now easy to define buttons to pause the automation so that the user can for example check data validity, and then resume testing, or gracefully exit an extraction routine. Virtually any PEL program can be associated with the new custom button feature and there is no limit to possible applications.

IC-CAP PEL Control Buttons

There is no constraint on the number of buttons which can be added, and the bitmaps and button names are also fully customizable.

You can find more detailed descriptions and examples on the new features in the What's New in IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 presentation.

If you are ready to get started using IC-CAP, click Trials & Licenses > Details & Download > Request Free Trial License.

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