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Configuração Típica  

Configuração Típica

W1320BP Genesys Core license

  • R-35B-001-A Node-locked license
  • R-36B-001-L 12 months upgrades and support - node-locked
    • E8900K-030 USB hardware key for EEsof 2011 or later version software and 64 bit OS


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* Os preços não incluem impostos ou taxas, os quais deverão ser considerados na oportunidade em que emitida a cotação formal, conforme determinação das autoridades governamentais competentes. Os preços mostrados são os preços de varejo sugeridos pelo fabricante (MSRP). Os preços apresentados não incluem impostos.

Principais recursos e especificações

  • Core Linear Simulation, Schematic, Layout, Instrument Link
  • Statistical Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Matlab Scripting for data manipulation
  • No other RF design tool offers so much capability at this price point


Genesys Core Environment

Genesys RF and Microwave Design SoftwareAll Genesys configurations start with the prerequisite Genesys Core bundle, which is itself a full-featured design environment. It can be upgraded with full credit to even more capable bundles that include:

  • Circuit synthesis
  • RF system architecture
  • Nonlinear circuit simulation (DC, time- and frequency-domains)
  • 3D-planar EM simulation

Design Environment

  • Integrated easy-to-use windows graphical user environment for hierarchical design creation and management, available in six major languages worldwide
  • Scripting from Visual Basic, C++, VBscript or Jscript for automation of Genesys to perform custom or repetitive tasks
  • LiveReport for creating auto-updating and interactive design documentation
  • Export Genesys designs for use in Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) in design collaboration
  • Links to over 140 test instruments, including network analysers, oscilloscopes, vector/spectrum analyzers, power meters,and seminconductor analyzers from over 14 manufacturers. Captures measured data for use in simulation and verification against design performance.

Fast linear simulation with robust optimization and statistics

  • Interactive tuning of circuit parameters
  • Multiple optimization algorithms to maximize performance and yield
  • Multi-dimensional parameter sweeps
  • Statistical analysis including: Monte Carlo, yield and yield optimization

Automatic Nonlinear Device Linearization

  • Runs background DC analysis on circuits and automatically linearizes any nonlinear devices at their bias point before performing a linear simulation.

    Note: Full nonlinear DC analysis with access to DC voltages and currents for optimization and tuning requires the circuit building block containing the Harbec or Cayenne nonlinear circuit simulator.

Data manipulation and display 

  • Data sets for persistent storage of simulation and measurement data for postprocessing and display to eliminate wasteful re-simulation
  • Powerful MATLAB language processor for custom equations and data processing including bidirectional interfacing with networked instrumentation
  • Flexible data display and analysis with rectangular, polar, Y/Z Smith, histogram, 3D-parametric plots and instrument-style marker readouts
  • Interactive 3D viewer for EM surface currents and antenna far-field patterns

RF/microwave layout and artwork translators

  • Create layout from schematic, imported artwork, or direct drawing for EM simulation and board fabrication
  • 3D viewer for layout with interactive rotation, zoom, vertical stretching, and cut planes to verify correct geometry before fabrication
  • Full library of pad/package layout footprints
  • Import /export masks and drill files in popular printed circuit board (PCB) formats (e.g., Gerber, DXF/DWG, and GDSII) for PCB board realization on fast prototyping machines or chemical etching

Libraries of simulation models and parts

  • Full libraries of accurate high-frequency physical models with automatic discontinuities
  • Over 30,000 linear, nonlinear and system parts libraries
  • Uses same non-linear models with Keysight ADS for industry’s widest simulation model coverage

Who can benefit from Genesys Core Bundle

  • If you are an engineer, technician or student working with RF or microwave component design or test, Genesys Core provides you the optimal starting environment to learn and understand the latest tools and techniques that are employed in the industry.
  • Your investment in learning Genesys Core stays with you and enables you to progress to more powerful capabilities to tackle more complex designs involving nonlinear circuits, systems or antennas.

What can I design with Genesys Core Bundle?

  • High-performance and high-yield linear RF/microwave circuits such as small signal and low noise amplifiers
  • Analyze all combinations of passive and linear circuits such as matching networks, filters, dividers/combiners, S-parameter blocks
  • RF and microwave PCB layout

Lowest cost of ownership

  • A nodelocked license of Genesys Core bundle including the first year of support and upgrades cost less than any competing equivalent capabilities in the industry. In fact, this is less than the cost of a single 1 year rental of many other RF/microwave board design tools. Genesys Core bundle is also available as a time-based license to help reduce cash flow impact for projects with tight budgets.

Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software

Highest performance RF/Microwave circuit design tool at its price point.

  • Genesys Core bundle beats equivalent RF EDA platforms by providing more capabilities at a lower price, without compromising usability, quality, accuracy, or breadth of technology.
  • Genesys offers an affordable streamlined design experience for RF/microwave engineers in an easy-to-install and manage tool without the complexity of administering enterprise level design flow automation.
  • For example, Genesys Core alone is packed with an almost unbelievable array of capabilities that would have cost many times more if bought separately elsewhere and without the benefit of integration. Not only does it include a proven easy-to-use RF schematic capture, layout and design management environment with test instrument links, but also powerful linear and statistical simulators with advanced optimization. Mathlang scripting language, as used by MATLAB, is fully supported in Genesys Core for unmatched data processing power. Genesys Core also provides free import/export layout translators (including Gerber, DXF/DWG, and GDSII) and interactive 3D layout viewer to prepare your PCB designs for EM simulation or downstream manufacturing.
  • By comparison, other RF EDA tools make RF-aware layout or test instrument link a specialized, optional capability.
  • Genesys Core bundle provides a right-sized EDA solution that is both powerful and affordable for the RF/microwave system designers.

The Genesys Core bundle also contains Genesys TestLink for connecting to 140 test instruments from over 15 manufacturers. For more information, refer to Genesys TestLink.

Learn more about Genesys products on the Genesys Product Structure & Options Summary.