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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Balanced 1:4 Multiplexed 75 Ω ports and general purpose relays
  • Flexible 1:6 multiplexed power supply channels
  • 3 Plug-in external electronics slots


The Keysight utility card, which is an option on the i3070 Series 5 in-circuit tester, enables a new infrastructure that provides the flexibility to incorporate external electronics or instruments to balance between ICT and functional testers.

With the relevant plug-in module on the utility card, Keysight now offers high-performance in-system programming capability and additional boundary scan test option to customers. This reduces capital costs and allows flexible code and design changes during the manufacturing stage.

In addition, the Keysight utility card provides a wide range of power handling capabilities for today's high powered products, reducing the investment on power supply hardware.

Read more about the i3070 Series 5 here.

Specifications on plug in card:

Parameter Specifications
Physical dimension 2.953 inch by 6.006inch (75 X 150 mm)
(PCB should have a nominal  thickness of 0.062 inch)
Component placement Can be on both sides, but not exceeding 3mm on the top side and 10 mm on the bottom side
Inputs One USB port and one Ethernet
Outputs 18 pins with disconnect relays to mint pins
Power supply 5 V @ 500 mA (maximum) or 12 V @ 2 A (maximum) or
externally routed (max of 12 V at 2A)
Communication 1. USB 2.0 to the host PC/workstation
2. Ethernet communication via a class 2 switch controller