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N9812B MAC Lever, Type II

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Catalog # Product Description Quantity Price
N9812B MAC Levers, Type II, Si, nominal k of 2.8 N/m 25 Call or Email
Probe Value
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Material Silicon
Probe Tip Material Silicon
Cantilever Length (µm) 225
Cantilever Width (µm) 30
Cantilever Thickness (µm) 3.0
Force Constant (N/m) 2.8
Resonant Frequency Air (kHz) 75
Resonant Frequency Water (kHz) 30
Tip Radius (nm) <10

* Note: All values are nominal.

TYPE II MAC Levers have silicon cantilevers and silicon tips and a thin magnetic coating on the back side of the cantilever. There is one rectangular AFM cantilever on each probe chip. The tip has the shape of a pyramid with a polygon as the base. The macroscopic cone angle is 40° when view along the direction of the cantilever axis and 50° when viewed from the side and 20° at the axis of the tip. TYPE II MAC Levers are particularly useful for imaging stiffer samples, such as block copolymers, in air or liquid.

Recommended Applications: useful in various imaging applications in air or liquid, including, but not limited to block copolymer samples.

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