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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Very low capacitive loading, enables insight without influencing the monitored signals
  • Easy to connect & disconnect solder tip (ZIF tip) to protect probe head and ensure many reuses
  • Longer leads and probe length for easier access to probe points on the system
  • Long or short solder tip (ZIF tip) for access to different types of probing points


At PCIe® 2.0 speeds, reliable probing becomes even more important. Without a reliable probing solution and the right form-factor, reliable data capture becomes difficult if not impossible.

With the new ZIF flying leads probe from Keysight, the same ZIF tip soldering point can be used with the Oscilloscope for physical layer measurements or with the protocol analyzer to debug logic level problems.

Keysight provides an industry-unique probe portfolio for PCIe 2.0, including the full size mid-bus probe (straight, swizzle and split styles available), half size mid-bus probe, slot interposer probe, flying leads probe and now the ZIF flying leads probe.

PCI Express Probe for Keysight E2960B - Brochure

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