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Z2094B-xxx Keysight Solar Array Simulation (SAS) System

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Principais recursos e especificações

Notice for European Union Customers: These custom products may contain components that are not RoHS compliant. Keysight will evaluate specific product designs prior to quotation. Recommended changes will be included if required for compliance.

Integrated SAS System may be customized to meet your specific program needs:

  • Small size: 2 outputs in 2U of rack space
  • High output power – up to 600 W per output
  • Fast I-V curve change and fast recovery switching time
  • Up to 50 segments (channels) in three 80" racks
  • Supports, MPPT Maximum Peak Power Tracker, Sequential Shunt and Series Switch Regulation, Direct Connection.


The Keysight SAS, Solar Array System provides precise, fast and cost efficient simulation of multiple segment solar array output characteristics. A typical SAS system contains between 12 and 100 power output modules with each module capable of simulating a single string, segment or solar module. The power output modules can be grouped in collections consistent with the solar array architecture.

The system is based on the Keysight E4360A Modular Solar Array Simulators. It offers outstanding modularity for dynamic reconfiguration as array architecture changes from program to program. Exceptional MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) including individual module repair and calibration, ensures maximum availability.

Keysight provides a standard configuration of 14 segments in the Z2094B-103 core system. This system can be expanded by the addition of expansion racks to 50 segments in three racks. To meet specific needs, additional modules or auxiliary equipment can be added to the system by Keysight.