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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe W1914 DVB-x2 Baseband Verification Library provides a simulation blockset and configurable IP reference designs for DVB-S2 SatComm transmitters and receivers, as well as DVB-T2 transmitters. As of SystemVue 2011.03, the library also supports ISDB-T.

The W1914 library enables system designers to perform link-level architecture and algorithm studies. It also enables receiver designers to create precisely configured and faded signals, in order to exercise receiver designs at either the algorithmic (.m file or C++) or hardware design stages.

By linking the simulated waveforms from the W1914 to test equipment, it is also possible to continue verification directly from simulation into the measurement environment, leveraging the same scripts, test vectors, and processing.

About SystemVue Baseband Verification Libraries 

Baseband Verification libraries provide compiled sources, receivers, function blocks, and reference designs that adhere to the physical layer of modern emerging standards. They are used to create, examine, and receive PHY waveforms and test vectors at various locations in a system diagram in order to exercise system architectures and algorithms, down to the block level. With native TCP/IP connectivity, they also support co-design with test equipment and hardware development boards for both baseband and modulated-carrier signals.

W1914 DVB-2 Screen


The W1914 DVB-x2 Baseband Verification Library can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle. It is not included in any bundles.

For more information on SystemVue libraries, refer to SystemVue Baseband & Exploration Verification Libraries.

Follow the link below to view all SystemVue configurations: