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89601X-AYA VXA Vector Modulation Analysis

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
Este produto não se encontra disponível

Principais recursos e especificações

Evaluate and troubleshoot your single carrier, single modulation signals

  • Modulation types: FSK, MSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, DQPSK, 8PSK, D8PSK, QAM, APSK, VSB
  • Filter types: RC, RRC, IS-95, Gaussian, EDGE, LP, Rect, Half-sine, user defined, adaptive equalizer
  • Symbol rate: Frequency span / (1+ alpha)
  • Alpha/BT: 0.05 to 10
  • Residual EVM: <0.5% (QPSK, platform dependent)
  • Presets: >25 (including APCO, DECT, TETRA, GSM/EDGE, NDAC, Bluetooth®, Zigbee)


The 89601X VXA Vector Modulation Analysis option offers the general purpose modulation tools you need to evaluate and characterize the performance of your single carrier, single modulation signals.

Evaluate your results with powerful error analysis tools

  • Pinpoint marginal conditions before they become system performance problems
  • Compare the phase and magnitude of the input signal with an ideal reference signal stream
  • Analyze average error over time, symbol-by-symbol or as a single percent
  • Identify systematic impairments with the EVM time or spectrum
  • Easy-to-use measurement and display tools, such as constellation and eye diagram, EVM traces, and up to four simultaneous displays

Gather more data on signal problems

  • Use the equalizer to identify and remove linear errors, such as non-flat frequency response, multi-path and group delay distortion, from I-Q modulated signals
  • Use the summarized results tables to uncover DSP errors such as miscoded bits or incorrect filter coefficients

Available with fixed (89601XFP-AYA) or transportable license (89601XTP-AYA)
Learn more about the 89601X VXA software

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