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E5515CU-58C Hardware Upgrade Set for E5515C

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
Este produto não se encontra disponível

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • One part number, one low price brings your 8960 to current hardware
  • Low cost: significant savings compared to individual hardware kits
  • Software purchase required (unless you have an active E6720A Annual Contract)
  • NEW! – Protect your upgrade investment with the new 8960 Extended Warranty after Upgrade


Upgrading your 8960 just got easier! Order E5515CU-58C for your E5515C test set to get all of the hardware kits needed to bring your 8960 to a specific hardware configuration. Contact your local Keysight representative for more information. Only the following rare hardware kits are not included in the E5515CU-58C hardware set: E5515CU-006 (RF Out Only), E5515CU-504/514 (Fading), E5515CU-506 (PRACH measurement enhancements) and E5515CU-609 (Extra bands). If you need to enable any of this additional functionality, simply order the desired kit along with the E5515CU-58C.

You must purchase at least one software product with the E5515CU-58C (unless you already have an active E6720A Annual Contract for your Lab Application). Contact your Keysight sales representative for details on new features available today.

Note: Some early test and lab applications will no longer run after this hardware upgrade and must be upgraded to retain functionality.