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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Efficient and accurate extraction of statistical corner models for CMOS devices
  • Simple Corner project setup and customized via excel spreadsheet; typical CMOS targets are pre-defined (e.g. Idmax, Idoff, Vth, etc.) , but users can add/customize additional targets
  • Easy import of libraries extracted from silicon based measured data, such as output libraries from traditional CMOS extractions (e.g. BSIM4, PSP or HiSIM Extraction Packages)
  • Dedicated display window which includes graphics of targets and parameter tuning capabilities
  • Automatic creation of final simulator corner libraries (including N and P type corner devices)
  • Powerful simulator suite runs automated simulations for all supported simulators and identify warnings/errors
  • Automated HTML report generation
  • Simulation support for Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS), Synopsys’ HSPICE, Cadence Spectre and Mentor Graphics ELDO


Note: Model number 85199M has been discontinued; however, the feature/capability is now included in the W8553EP/ET.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The 85199M Corner Modeling Extraction Package enables modeling engineers to generate corner model libraries of CMOS semiconductor processes from process control measurements (PCM) statistics and silicon-based extracted models from measurements. Unlike extracted models from measured data which describe the behavior of a specific set of devices, corner models describe the model behavior when statistical process variation occurs. Corner models for N and P CMOS devices are combined to create a simulator library file which can be used to simulate worst case circuit conditions.

The Corner Modeling Package has dedicated user interface (UI) and tools that assist the engineer proceeding through the following extraction and verification steps:

  1. Create a new project by defining available PCM targets and their statistics (mean, min and max values) for each corner device.
  2. Select the simulator, library settings and parameters used for corner modeling tuning. The tool automatically creates a raw library which will be used during the tuning process.
  3. Perform corner modeling by first centering the typical model parameters to match typical device behavior. Then tune parameters to match the corner behavior (see dedicated UI Window for tuning in the figure below).
  4. Automatically generate final corner models libraries for one or more simulators and use the Simulator Suite to run verification test. The Suite will run user customizable simulations using the extracted corner library and warn if errors or warnings occur during simulation.
  5. Finally, create HTML report for documentation purposes.

Dedicated UI for tuning in IC-CAP

The Corner Modeling Extraction Package is very simple to use and is available at a low and competitive price. The package is currently available as an Add-on product to IC-CAP 2009.

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