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Z2082C-N16 CTS-1000 WirelessHD Test System

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The WirelessHD specification defines a next-generation, wireless digital network interface for wireless high-definition multimedia transmission in consumer electronics, personal computing and portable device products.

The CTS-1000 system provides WirelessHD device designers with a complete solution for testing compliance of their devices to the WirelessHD Compliance Test Specification (CTS) version1.0 for RF Specification tests. The CTS-1000 automates measurements such as error vector magnitude, frequency, power, occupied bandwidth, and packet error rate on signals generated by a WirelessHD device under test conditions. These measurements are critical to ensure proper functioning of a WirelessHD device.

The CTS-1000 system consists of a PSG microwave signal generator, PSA spectrum analyzer, Infiniium DSO 90000A high performance oscilloscope, down-converter and WirelessHD system software that runs on a PC. A reference test unit is used to establish a link between the device under test and the CTS-1000. Software includes pre-defined tests that conform to the WirelessHD compliance test standard and includes a graphical user interface to simplify test and system calibration.

The CTS-1000 system is available to members of the WirelessHD Consortium.

WirelessHD Compliance Test Specification (CTS) Part 1: RF Performance
tests covered by the CTS-1000
CTS High rate PHY (HRP) tests HRP transmit to receive switch time
HCS field
HRP TX mask
HRP EVM for supported HRP modes
HRP symbol timing accuracy
HRP TX frequency accuracy
HRP sensitivity
HRP maximum input level
HRP modulation
Lowest Maximum Power
CTS Low rate PHY (LRP) tests LRP transmit to receive switch time
Omni LRPDU format
Long omni LRP preamble format
Short omni LRP preamble format
Omni LRP header format
Directional LRPDU format
Directional LRP preamble
Directional LRP header and payload
LRP TX mask
LRP EVM for supported LRP modes
LRP symbol timing accuracy
LRP TX frequency accuracy
LRP sensitivity
LRP maximum input level
LRP OFDM modulation
Lowest maximum power