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W1422L Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível


W1422L top image

Note: Model number W1422L has been discontinued; however, the Genesys RF Architect for ADS feature/capability is now included in the W2362 RF Architect & Synthesis Element

The information below is provided for reference only.

Keysight Genesys software includes several unique tools for RF Architecture design that enhance the Advanced Design System (ADS).

ADS now makes it possible to invoke these RF architecture tools from the ADS menus, and then transfer the resulting schematics back to ADS. Once the designs are in the ADS environment, the system implementation can continue, and then verified for system performance using the full capabilities of the Advanced Design System.

Genesys RF Architect for Advanced Design System

The figure shows a Spectrasys block diagram embedded as an analog subcircuit in a WLAN verification using the Ptolemy system simulator in ADS. The testbench is configured to characterize adjacent channel interference with real 802.11 sources, and is capable of including Momentum co-simulation, dynamic nonlinear amplifiers using Circuit Envelope, and real surface-mount part models. Only ADS allows this integration of dynamic, physical RF effects with a working PHY at the system level, complete with baseband DSP, HDL/Matlab co-simulation of your algorithmic IP, and even waveforms from test equipment.

Genesys products add to any RF Design Flow

Genesys Synthesis for Advanced Design System

For Existing Genesys Users Who Also Use ADS

If you already have access to Spectrasys, WhatIF, or Synthesis, you do not need to purchase W1421 Genesys Synthesis for ADS.

How is the W1422 Genesys RF Architect for ADS different from standalone seats of Genesys?

  • The W1422 allows Unix-based license servers for simple, central administration.
  • The W1422 does not include a license for the Genesys environment, only the RF tools. They also do not include additional Genesys capabilities, such as Harbec, Cayenne, and other modules.
  • The W1422 license allows Genesys to re-use the ADS Schematic, Data Display, Linear, and Layout licenses of the ADS session running on that machine, thus minimizing the duplication of environments. This also creates a small cost advantage for the W1421, relative to full, standalone seats of Genesys.

What has been done to make it easy to add these tools to an established ADS Design Flow?

Coordinated Licensing

  • ADS-style codewords served by PC or Unix-based license servers makes it easy to administer licenses for these GENESYS features.
  • They simply add as Increment lines to your ADS license file, either nodelocked or network licensed.
  • No new license servers or daemons are required.

Expanded File-based IFF import/export

  • GENESYS has been enhanced to export a wider variety of system and circuit components to the ADS IFF file format. Likewise, ADS IFF has been enhanced to recognize a wider array of components from GENESYS.
  • Because Keysight owns and supports both platforms, we can improve both platforms simultaneously to facilitate this capability.
  • Note that there is not a 1:1 correspondence (mapping) of all possible components between the systems. Components that are common to both systems, such as R, L, C components, microstrip lines, and behavioral amplifiers, are mapped appropriately from GENESYS to ADS.

Live communication

  • Users can invoke Genesys software directly from the ADS menus.
  • The Genesys schematics which result can be transferred back to a live ADS session.
  • The design information moves directly into the ADS design flow, so that the system administrators of RF design tools do not need to support an additional platform or design database.

Genesys Synthesis for ADS includes these Genesys Synthesis Modules:

  Genesys Spectrasys SimulationSpectral domain system simulator
  WhatIFFrequency Planner simulator
  Genesys Filter SynthesisClassical lumped filter synthesis for RF applications
  Genesys M/Filter SynthesisDistributed filter synthesis for Microwave applications
  Genesys S/Filter SynthesisAdvanced direct LC/distributed filter synthesis
  Genesys A/Filter SynthesisActive op-amp filter synthesis
  Genesys Equalize SynthesisDelay equalization synthesis
  Genesys Match SynthesisImpedance matching synthesis
  Genesys Oscillator SynthesisOscillator synthesis
  Genesys Advanced T/LineTransmission line synthesis and circuit conversion
  Genesys Signal Control SynthesisSplitter, coupler, and attenuator synthesis
  Genesys Mixer SynthesisDesign and analyze mixer configurations using various topologies

In addition, Genesys Synthesis for ADS includes the ADS codeword ads_circuit_synthesis, which allows Genesys to run concurrently using the existing ADS licenses*

  • Re-use existing E8900 ADS schematic (required)
  • Re-use existing E8901 ADS data display (required)
  • Re-use existing E8881 ADS linear simulation (required)
  • Re-use existing E8902 ADS layout (optional)

*ADS licenses not included with package; assumes prior ADS ownership.