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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Fixed, perpetual license
  • Real-time uplink LTE signal creation with transport channel coding for BER and BLER testing
  • Real-time eNB HARQ and Timing Adjustment feedback enables throughput testing defined LTE Conformance Tests
  • Predefined setups for the Fixed Reference Channels (FRC)
  • Add real-time fading and AWGN with predefined channel models defined in the LTE standard with the PXB MIMO receiver tester
  • Add interfering signals with multiple baseband generators in the N5106A PXB


Option SW4 real-time LTE (uplink only) capability is an early release option that creates real-time uplink LTE reference signals for use with the N5106A PXB for eNB receiver testing and baseband ASIC verification. Create real-time LTE signals with HARQ and timing adjustment feedback enabling throughput measurements as defined in the Performance Requirements of the LTE specification. Additionally, the fading models defined in the LTE Conformance tests or custom defined fading models can be added to the real-time LTE signals with Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) to simulate realistic propagation conditions in a variety of different environments. For more information, contact your local Keysight sales representative.