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J6782A Network Troubleshooting Center (NTC)

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Network-wide maintenance at your fingertips

The Network Troubleshooting Center (NTC) places the power of multiple Keysight Network Analyzer platforms and other test agents in the hands of a single, centrally located individual or group. Together with the Network Analyzer product family, NTC provides a centralized troubleshooting solution that:

Expedites problem resolution by providing aggregated network-wide views of performance across multiple LAN and WAN technologies
Provides seamless integration between problem isolation and troubleshooting
Enables rapid progression from problem detection and isolation to resolution with integrated RMON statistics analysis and advanced troubleshooting
Eliminates the need for expert engineers/technicians at multiple locations, thus enabling a smaller workforce and reducing travel
Reduces training time and workflow interruptions by providing a common solution and interface for both centralized testing and dispatched testing; and for multiple LAN and WAN technologies

NTC provides both remote access to, and aggregated data from, all of Keysight's Network Analyzer hardware and Software platforms:

NTC along with the Network Analyzer products provide a complete solution for both centralized and dispatched troubleshooting in one package, eliminating the need for multiple tools. This solution works across multiple LAN and WAN technologies, including 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, and Packet over SONET. It provides analysis of all technologies with the same look and feel, so engineers need to learn only one tool.


  • Operates on both Windows® and UNIX®.
  • Provides aggregated views of RMON1/2 and MIB-II statistics from multiple data sources to present the overall health and performance of the entire network
  • Offers one-click drill down from aggregated views to detailed views of individual LANs, WANs, switches, nodes, connections, protocols, and error types. Quickly isolate the location and nature of a problem
  • Provides integrated RMON and advanced protocol analysis for seamless progression from problem isolation and troubleshooting
  • Operate remote Network Analyzer platforms anywhere on the network
  • Pinpoint problems with the drill down capabilities of RMON 1/2 and MIB II data
  • Set thresholds for notification of possible problems before they happen
  • Send events to the Network Management System
  • Automate response to common events with the Policy Event Manager- forward SNMP traps or run customized scripts!