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W1913ET SystemVue WiMAX Baseband Exploration

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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe W1913ET WiMAX Baseband Exploration Library provides source code algorithmic libraries for WiMAX™ source & receive blocks, along with compiled versions for greater simulation speed.

SystemVue Baseband Exploration Libraries

SystemVue’s Baseband Exploration libraries build on top of Verification libraries. They provide Keysight instrument-grade verification and compliance for algorithm developers in the earliest phases of a PHY design, so that ideas are tested and proven right from the point of conception. Instead of delaying your compliance assurance to the end of a prototype, you can be developing against the latest versions of the standard with Keysight as your development partner, with confidence down to the block level, with user-configured test vectors.

Baseband Exploration Libraries are also an open platform for innovative PHY designs that include working, native source code for PHY blocks (math format), plus documentation on the standard itself. This gives system architects and algorithm developers a head-start on innovative implementations of new platforms, as well as an open gold-standard for comparison. The source code is self-documenting, and modifyable, so there is never any ambiguity about “what algorithms are really inside this software”, with a full math language debugger native to the SystemVue environment. As such, they are also a tremendous learning tool and productivity aid.

Special licensing & support consideration apply. Please inquire with your Keysight sales representative for more information.

WiMAX Baseband Exploration Library


The W1913ET WiMAX Baseband Exploration Library can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle, and includes the W1911ET WiMAX Baseband Verification Library, which is a required module.

Follow the link below to view all SystemVue configurations:

Note: The W1912BEL Baseband Exploration Library is a replacement of W1912ET SystemVue LTE Baseband Exploration and W1913ET SystemVue WiMAX™ Baseband Exploration.

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