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E8267C-408 Signal Studio for Enhanced Multitone

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Signal Studio for Enhanced Multitone software, Rev. A.03.01 - Download now

Create two-tone and multitone signals with over 80 dBc third-order IMD
Signal Studio for enhanced multitone is a software application that optimizes the signal quality of two-tone and multitone test stimuli generated using the E8267C PSG vector signal generator. The application uses an advanced predistortion algorithm to provide multiple tones from a single signal generator, virtually free of intermodulation distortion (IMD) products directly at the input of the device under test.  Instead of summing signals from multiple analog signal generators, now a multitone test stimulus is easily configured programmatically using the Signal Studio graphical interface or the built-in COM-based application-programming interface (API). The application provides many flexible features to configure individual tone characteristics, including phase relationships, and place tones within an 80 MHz bandwidth centered at the carrier frequency. This sophisticated signal generation technique provides superior signal quality and reduces test cost and complexity as compared to traditional analog multitone test methods.

Evaluate the user interface
Download Signal Studio to a PC to review the user interface and investigate the multitone stimulus creation capabilities of the software prior to purchase. Each E8267C PSG vector signal generator must be licensed separately in order to generate the signals created by the software. To apply the predistortion algorithm, a PSA Series spectrum analyzer is also required.

Typical applications
Signal Studio for enhanced multitone is recommended for distortion free two-tone and multitone test stimulus generation. Common applications include IMD, group delay, and flatness characterization of amplifiers, mixers, and other non-linear devices. The software can also be used to generate up to 1024 discrete CW tones for interference and blocking tests.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8267C PSG, it can be upgraded to include Option 408 by ordering E8267CK-408.


  • Simplify the test setup and reduce capital equipment costs
  • Configure up to 1024 tones using the PC-based interface
  • Adjust relative tone power and spacing and set initial phase
  • Apply predistoriton to enhance signal quality and minimize test uncertainty
  • IMD suppression > 70 dBc
  • Correct IMD at offset frequencies and powers to account for upconverters and amplifiers in the test setup
  • View peak-to-average power statistics by plotting CCDF curve
  • 10BaseT LAN and GPIB connectivity
  • Automate signal configuration and generation using the COM-based API
  • Programming examples in Visual Basic and LabVIEW
  • Utilize built-in help with multitone stimulus configuration examples