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Principais recursos e especificações

The FEM Simulator, RFPro UI Element capabilities include:

  • RFPro User Interface for fast error free setup of EM-circuit cosimulation in ADS
  • Full wave 3D FEM EM simulator with advanced direct and iterative solver for speed and capacity
  • Robust and efficient 3D mesh generator with adaptive meshing to deliver user specified accuracy
  • Adaptive frequency sweep to locate all resonant frequencies automatically and quickly with minimum simulation frequency points
  • Symmetry planes to speed up simulation and increase capacity
  • 3D parameterized components of commonly used structures such as wire bonds, solder balls, solder bumps, connectors and packages to speed up 3D design input and enables geometry sweeps and co-optimization with circuit components
  • Multi-threaded direct and iterative solvers, able to utilize up to 16 CPU cores with a single license


The W2342EP FEM Simulator, RFPro UI Element provides full wave 3D EM simulation capabilities based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). The RFPro User Interface (UI) that comes with this FEM element makes setting up EM/circuit co-simulation in Advanced Design System (ADS) fast and error-free for the design of multi-technology RF modules that integrate RFIC, MMIC, package and PCB. It also automates the extraction of nets and components for EM simulation without modifying the layout.

This frequency domain simulation technology can be used in both the Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 3D EM platform and ADS.

E Field Plot

The FEM Simulator is the latest generation of Keysight’s FEM 3D EM simulator integrated into the ADS design flow to enable seamless co-simulation of arbitrary 3D structures such as connectors, wire-bonds and packaging with circuit and system components. This allows effects of 3D components previously difficult or tedious to include in a design simulation to be naturally accounted for without leaving your circuit design flow. It is especially convenient for RF module designs where 3D interconnects and packaging must be simulated along with the circuit.

Quad Flat No Leads Design


3D EM Design Showing Solder Bumps

Unlike other equally capable 3D EM standalone simulators, the Keysight FEM Simulator with the RFPro UI can save from 2 hours to 2 weeks of manual data integration per simulation run. In addition, integration enables you to perform 3D EM-circuit-system co-simulation and co-optimization for realizing your best design possible in one pass.

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