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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Low capacity loading, enables insight without influencing the monitored signals
  • Micro spring-pin technology provides reliable contact to signal pads even when probing uneven or contaminated board surfaces
  • Top-side retention module eliminates need to access back of the board
  • Requires up-front design of soft touch footprint on PC board (no connector on the target board)
  • Multiple configurations supported, straight, swizzled, split


The Keysight N4241A, N4242A and N4243A Soft touch probe increases the flexibility of the N5306A analyzer by enabling a direct connection from the probe to an embedded PCIe® bus on any system design.

With the N4241A soft touch probe for PCIe, engineers are able to analyze the PCIe bus communication without influencing the signals. The soft touch probe utilizes micro spring-pin technology to provide a reliable connection to the signal pads without the need for special cleaning or special surface finishes of the probe pads.

Different configurations of the probe are provided (both straight N4241A and swizzled N4242A) to deal with layout considerations on the board. A split probe (N4243A) is also available to monitor 2 x4 links from a single foot print.

Compatible with N5306A PCIe Analyzer Module

PCIe Probes for Keysight E2960B - brochure

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