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E8874A Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível


Note: Model number E8874A has been discontinued; however, the Wireless LAN (WLAN) Design Library feature/capability is now included in the W2363 Mature Wireless Libraries Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

E8874 Wireless LAN (WLAN) Design Library offers easy-to-use, hierarchical, realizable models for the efficient design and verification of IEEE 802.11 and Hiperlan2 transmitters and receivers.

Pre-configured Test and Verification setups simplify the process of evaluating design performance parameters such as Output RF Spectrum, Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Power Statistics using Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF), Bit Error Rate (BER) and Packet Error Rate (PER).

IEEE 802.11a,b,g and Hiperlan2 test and verification setups are also included in the examples.

Product Highlights

  • IEEE 802.11b compliant receiver models and test benches.
  • IEEE 802.11g test benches.
  • Algorithmic (behavioral) models based on IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and Hiperlan2 standards.
  • Complete transmitter and receiver models support all data rates specified in the IEEE 802.11a standard.
  • Pre-defined system measurements include Output RF Spectrum, Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Power Measurements, Bit Error Rate and Packet Error Rate for IEEE 802.11a.
  • Pre-configured test and verification projects support standard compliant measurements for IEEE 802.11a and Hiperlan2 Physical layers.

In addition, pre-defined system measurements include:

  • Output RF Spectrum
  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)
  • Power Measurements
  • Bit Error Rate (BER)
  • Packet Error Rate (PER)

Product Description

E8874A Wireless LAN (WLAN) Design Library enables a WLAN design team to more rapidly design and verify IEEE 802.11a,b,g and Hiperlan2 based systems. Each specification presents its own design challenges and requirements for specification measurement and simulation sources, sinks and other system components. The WLAN Design library provides all these preconfigured simulation elements and measurement setups freeing the designer to spend the majority of their time on actual circuit design and optimization.

IEEE 802.11a uses 300 MHz of Bandwidth in the 5 GHz UNII band. Its specifications are based on wide bandwidth and a high data rate - up to 54Mb/s for multimedia (video) -data transmission based on OFDM technology.

IEEE 802.11b operates in the highly populated 2.4 GHz ISM band. It uses eight chip Complementary Code Keying (CCK) as the modulation scheme to achieve a data transmission rate of up to11 Mb/s.

IEEE 802.11g will increase 802.11b data rates to 54 Mb/s by using OFDM in the 2.4 GHz band.

The Test and Verification projects included with the WLAN Design Library enable designers to easily explore performance vs. cost tradeoffs--examples are EVM, CCDF, ACPR, and constellation fidelity tests that can be easily customized and simulated over a range of parameter values. This enables the engineer to easily and rapidly optimize their design for the specific appliacation

Power Amplifier designers can predict whether their circuits will meet system design requirements by substituting their circuit design into the pre-configured baseband models for verification.

For receiver test, there are receiver minimum input level sensitivity, adjacent channel rejection, and non adjacent channel rejection tests based on IEEE 802.11 standard.

In addition, the example projects include BER and PER tests that can be run under AWGN and indoor fading conditions allowing real world impairments to be evaluated as part of the design process.

E8874A Image

IEEE 802.11b signal generation capability covers all data rates - 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mb / sec. Included are:

  • 1 and 2 Mbps DSSS signal source test
  • 5.5 and 11 Mbps CCK signal source test
  • 5.5 and 11 Mbps BPCC signal source test

The following parameters can be set at the signal source level:

  • Rate
  • PLCPType
  • Octets
  • ClocksBit
  • InitPhase
  • ScrambleInit
  • PwrType
  • RampTime
  • OverSampling
  • IdleInterval
  • FilterType
  • Taps
  • Alpha
  • BT

E8874A Image

Links to Test Equipment

Links between Advanced Design System and test equipment such as the Keysight Vector Signal Analyzer help bridge the gap between design and test for a more seamless design flow.

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