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E8879A Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível


Note: Model number E8879A has been discontinued; however, the EDGE Design Library feature/capability is now included in the W2363 Mature Wireless Libraries Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

E8879A EDGE Design Library helps communication and RF system designers perform system-level tradeoff, requirement partitioning, and performance verification via key transmitter and receiver measurements such as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR), Bit Error Rate (BER) and Frame Error Rate (FER). The library also helps component designers validate the performance of their subsystem against EDGE specifications through the use of pre-configured Test and Verification projects.

Product Highlights

EDGE Design Library includes more than 100 models for the simulation of EDGE physical layer.

E8879A Image

The models include baseband channel coding and interleaving (MCS-1 to MCS-9)in downlink and uplink, burst assembly, 8PSK modulation, bit synchronization, adaptive equalization, and FER, BER, and EVM measurements.

In addition, the library includes EDGE sources for generation of a frame of EDGE signal with selectable GMSK or modified 8PSK in any of the time slots in the frame.

Product Description

E8879A EDGE Design Library includes models for 8PSK modulation, synchronization, and equalization. Implemented according to ETSI EDGE specifications, these models and subnetworks are organized in component libraries according to function.

Critical Transmitter and Receiver Test and Verification Projects

E8879A Image

With the EDGE Design Library you can verify EDGE base stations and handsets based on the EDGE standards. The library includes a number of key test and verification pre-configured projects for base transceiver station and mobile station. These designs are based on GSM 11.21, GSM11.10, and corresponding EDGE documents (change requests). These designs include data display format files and reference data sets.

Recent Product Enhancements

Product enhancements in recent releases include the following:

BER Validation Project.
Five new CODEC examples and more detailed validation and documentation:

  • End-to-end BER and BLER measurements in static propagation condition
  • Adaptive equalizer
  • Complete downlink
  • Modulation and coding schemes MCS5 to MCS9
  • Static AWGN propagation channel

Compatibility with Keysight ESG E443xB Option 202 and VSA E4406A Option 202 in signal generation and measurement.

  • Power Amplifier (PA) Project. Six power amplifier measurements:
  • Mean Transmitter Output Power
  • Transmitted RF Carrier Power versus Time
  • Output RF Spectrum due to modulation
  • Output RF Spectrum due to switching
  • Error Vector Magnitude
  • Frequency Error and Origin Offset Suppression

E8879A Image

A reduced-state sequence estimation (RSSE) adaptive equalizer is used as part of the receiver. The BER simulation results are compared with reference data from Nokia and Ericsson. The BER simulation time on a Pentium III 1000MHz, 512M memory machine with Windows NT 4.0 is approximately 88 minutes.

E8879A Image

Link to Test Equipment

E8879A Image

System engineers can take advantage of the links to Keysight test equipment to deliver powerful capability in virtual testing of prototype hardware throughout the design cycle. For example, the ADS link to the ESG-D RF digital signal generator can generate real-world signals at any point in the modeled system design to reflect the impairments introduced by the preceding elements. This link lets you evaluate prototype hardware on the bench, using simulation models to supplement sections of the design which have not yet been fabricated.