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W2005EP GoldenGate PLL Simulator

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
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The GoldenGate PLL Analysis option provides an efficient way to simulate integer-N phase-locked loops at the transistor level without the need for any behavioral modeling approximations. GoldenGate PLL Analysis is a fully-nonlinear simulation combining a new and improved transient analysis engine, exclusive Start-In-Lock technology allowing quick startup, and an enhanced version of GoldenGate's harmonic-balance engine resulting in rapid PLL analysis with a very high degree of accuracy. The simulation of the closed loop performance of a PLL in the locked state using the GoldenGate PLL Analysis option can determine:

  • Phase Noise
  • Deterministic jitter (intrinsic and extrinsic)
  • Random jitter (intrinsic and extrinsic)
  • Lock range
  • Output spectrum and/or waveform of any signal

GoldenGate's powerful statistical design features can also be used to rapidly explore variations in the PLL steady-state performance against process variations or other circuit parameters such as temperature or power supply voltage.

Why should you buy the GoldenGate PLL Simulator?

Well-designed PLLs spend most of their lives in the lock condition. However, most PLL verification simulation focuses on transient behavior getting to lock. GoldenGate PLL allows fast, comprehensive evaluation of your PLL in lock.

Who will benefit?

PLL designers needing a rapid, yet accurate way to design and verify integer-N PLLs without compromising accuracy.

Why it's better than competing PLL simulators

While other PLL simulators sacrifice accuracy for speed by using behavioral models, the GoldenGate PLL Analysis option provides a full non-linear simulation of the entire PLL at the transistor level.

The GoldenGate PLL Analysis option is the only transistor-level harmonic-balance-based PLL simulator on the market today combining new and improved transient and harmonic-balance solvers to deliver very high levels of accuracy at exceptional simulation speeds.