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N5106A 3GPP MIMO Software Application Bundle

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
Este produto não se encontra disponível

Principais recursos e especificações

Signal Creation with N7624B Signal Studio

  • Create downlink and uplink waveforms compliant with the standard
  • Transport channel coded signals with flexible resource block allocation for receiver test
  • Support for transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing in up to 4x4 MIMO configurations along with other features including HARQ functional testing
  • For a detailed description, see the N7624B Technical Overview

3GPP LTE MIMO Channel Models

  • Provides all channel models required by the 3GPP LTE Conformance Tests, including Extended Pedestrian A, Vehicular A, Typical Urban and High Speed Train in Open Space or Tunnel with low, medium, and high MIMO channel correlation
  • Modify these models or create custom models, including custom antenna setup or correlation matrix


Software options for signal creation and fading

A software application bundle created for ordering convenience, including N5106A-TFP MIMO channel models, N7624B software with Options 6FP, GFP and RFP to provide basic and advanced signal creation.

Typical application

This option is recommended for users who need both 3GPP signal generation and MIMO fading. Additional hardware options for the N5106A are required to provide the appropriate DSP blocks and I/O cards. For playback of waveform files, N5106A Option EFP for baseband generation is also required. For fading, Option QFP for fading with SISO channel models is also required, and Option JFP for calibrated AWGN is recommended. These options can be ordered separately or as a hardware/firmware MIMO convenience bundle.