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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Support DigRF v4 bus specifications
  • Support speeds up to 3Gb/s, with single or multi-lane configuration
  • Full protocol decoding capabilities
  • Extracts and transfers digital IQ for analysis with 89600B VSA software

Analyzer features and operation

  • Simultaneously acquires Tx/Rx bidirectional traffic
  • Tracks changes across all speed modes – sleep, low power and high speed
  • Displays data and control packets at the protocol level
  • Triggers on protocol-specific packets, specific bits within a packet, and protocol violations


The Keysight N5344A DigRF exerciser module belongs to the Keysight RDX family.

The module transparently monitors DigRF v4 bus activity, helping digital and RF engineers integrate and troubleshoot devices incorporating the DigRF digital serial bus across a wide variety of over the air standards. The analyzer module allows engineers to work in the domain (Digital or RF) of their choice to quickly characterize the DUT´s digital and wireless behavior. It operates in conjunction with Keysight vector signal analysis software

Compatible with:


  • N5345A High Performance Soft Touch Probe
  • N5346A High Performance Flying Leads Probe