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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe W1912ET LTE Baseband Exploration Library saves time, reduces engineering effort and accelerates the maturity of baseband PHY designs for next-generation 3GPP LTE systems. It enables system architects, algorithm developers and baseband hardware designers to investigate, implement and verify their Layer 1 signal processing designs in the presence of meaningful RF and test.

The W1912 Exploration library goes beyond the W1910 Verification library. The W1912 is a source code overlay to the compiled W1910 simulation library, providing additional levels of insight and control into the physical layer (PHY) algorithms of 3GPP LTE.

Benefits of Source-Code level of IP access

  • Algorithmic confidence. Proven, modifiable source code gives you an independent, self-documenting algorithmic reference library that enables you to quickly understand and interpret key ETSI-specified algorithmic relationships.
  • Precise control. Control and script every detail, create exact test vectors and even single-step your way through operations with integrated debuggers.
  • Speed to insight. Troubleshoot more quickly. Concentrate more on your baseband design than on evaluating/configuring the reference IP itself

What's New for SystemVue 2010.01:

  • LTE 8.9 support (Dec 2009), expanded PRACH support, and additional testbenches "Throughput” measurement support (HARQ)
  • "Throughput” measurement support (HARQ)
  • New UI for setting complex parameters
  • Source code in C++ format

W1912 SystemVue LTE Baseband Verification

Why should I buy the W1912 golden reference library?

  1. Reliable start. Start with proven simulation models as independent, measurement-hardened “golden reference” standards. Learn the standard quickly and have complete control of PHY performance through model parameterization.
  2. Unique RF-aware IP development environment. Produce high-performance baseband PHYs that are ready for the real world. SystemVue puts superior access to RF simulation and test equipment at the point of creation.
  3. Early and continuous verification. Use Keysight modeling expertise and measurement connectivity to complete a virtual working PHY on the very first day. Easily verify your latest frequency division duplex (FDD), time division duplex (TDD) and MIMO innovations—either at the block-level or the link-level—and, using any mixture of implementations using Keysight reference IP:
    - Algorithmic IP (block level, .m-file, C++)
    - Fixed-point and VHDL hardware instantiations
    - Working hardware with baseband/RF test equipment
  4. Synergy with measurements. Beyond design, SystemVue is able to create sophisticated hybrid simulation/measurements that overcome difficulties with incomplete early support of emerging standards by commercial test equipment (e.g., coded MIMO BER/BLER waterfall curves), and physical availability of systems, probes and interfaces (e.g., DigRF).

The W1912ET verification library includes:

  • 12-month license of the underlying compiled W1910ET LTE baseband verification library.
  • Modifiable source-code overlays to compiled blocks (now in C++ format)
  • Source-code license, updates and technical support for 12 months
  • Ability to generate precisely-configured LTE test vectors and easily create scripted verification regression suites
  • Standards-compliant verification test benches

For additional details on this product, consult the W1910/W1912 datasheet

Or the W1910 web page


The W1912 LTE Baseband Verification Library can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle. It is not included in any bundles, but once added, becomes a part of that particular bundle for license usage and maintenance purposes. The underlying compiled library (W1910ET) is included and not required.

Follow the link below to view all SystemVue configurations:

Note: The W1912BEL Baseband Exploration Library is a replacement of W1912ET SystemVue LTE Baseband Exploration and W1913ET SystemVue WiMAX™ Baseband Exploration

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