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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe W1904 Adaptive Equalization Library saves time for communications system designers who need to correct for physical layer impairments in channels with multi-path fading, analog hardware, and also under dynamic signal conditions.

For System Architects
The library works at the architecture level to help select and tune an equalization choice for overall best system performance. It also removes correctable errors before an overall system has been built, allowing the system designer to assess the performance of a completed system early in the design process, and focus on more difficult physical layer challenges. Functional equalization blocks also assist in the signal routing and configuration of a specific topology. Any communications PHY concerned with received bit-error rate (BER) through a physical channel should consider this module.

W1904 Image

For Algorithm and Hardware designers
The library also works at the algorithmic level. Algorithm and hardware developers can profile their implementations against known parameterized references, allowing custom equalization algorithms to be developed that are faster, require less computational burden, minimize word length, or are simply more robust for the signal and environmental conditions.

The following adaptive algorithms are provided:

  • Least Mean Squares (LMS)
  • Affine Projection Algorithm (APA)
  • Recursive Least Squares (RLS)
  • QR Recursive Least Squares (QR-RLS)

Other Features:

  • Real- and complex-valued FIR and IIR adaptive filters
  • Fully parameterizable algorithms: LMS, NLMS, APA, RLS and QR
  • Blind algorithms: DDM, Constant Modulus (Godard), Sato, Benveniste-Gousart, Stop and Go

W1904 Image

Although the Adaptive Equalization Library is designed with equalization as its main application, the algorithms are provided in a form which makes them suitable for other adaptive filtering applications. They can be combined with other parts from the Adaptive Equalization Library and SystemVue to design, to simulate and analyze advanced channel equalizer subsystems.

W1904 Image


The W1904 Adaptive Equalization Library can be added to any SystemVue Environment:

The W1904 SystemVue Adaptive Equalization Library is included in this bundle:

Follow the link below to view all SystemVue configurations: