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Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Folha de Dados 2018-11-22

An Overview of the Electrical Validation of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T - Application Note
The technology used in these ports, commonly known as “LAN” or “NIC” ports, is usually one of the 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T standards or a combination of them.

Nota de aplicação 2018-07-25

1130B-Series Differential and Single-Ended Probes User’s Guide
This book provides user and service documentation for the Keysight Technologies 1130B-Series differential and single-ended probes.

Manual do usuário 2018-07-24

PDF PDF 10.74 MB
Basic Oscilloscope Fundamentals - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of basic oscilloscope fundamentals. You will learn what an oscilloscope is and how to use oscilloscopes.

Nota de aplicação 2017-04-25

Evaluating Oscilloscope Sample Rates vs. Sampling Fidelity - Application Note
Make the most accurate digital measurements by learning how to evaluate oscilloscope sample rates vs. signal fidelity.

Nota de aplicação 2017-01-11

Evaluating Oscilloscope Bandwidths for Your Application - Application Note
How much bandwidth does your oscilloscope really need? Learn how to choose the correct bandwidth oscilloscope for your application.

Nota de aplicação 2014-12-19

USB 2.0 Compliance Testing with Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Application Note
This Application Note discusses the solution for the USB 2.0 test suite. The Keysight solution is the only one-box solution that uses the official USB-IF scripts for precompliance ans compliance testing.

Nota de aplicação 2014-08-03

Understanding Oscilloscope Frequency Response & Its Effect on Rise-Time Accuracy - Application Note
In this application note, we review the properties of both Gaussian and flat-response oscilloscopes, then discuss rise time accuracy for each response type. We show that flat-response oscilloscope, give more accurate rise-time measurement than a Gaussian-response oscilloscope of equal bandwidth, and we show you how to estimate the bandwidth you need. The application note will show you which type of frequency response offers the best measurement accuracy; there are two issues to consider, the maximum signal frequency, and the oscilloscope sampling alias errors. It will also determine how much bandwidth you need.

Nota de aplicação 2014-07-31

Understanding and Using Offset in InfiniiMax Active Probes - Application Note
This application note explains how offset is applied in the Keysight InfiniiMax Active Probes and how to use offset for various applications

Nota de aplicação 2014-07-31

Optimizing Oscilloscope Measurement Accuracy on High-Performance Systems with Keysight Active Probes
This application note covers the following information that you should consider when selecting an oscilloscope probe to capture high-speed signals: Consider the effect that probe input impedance will have on your circuit. Capacitive loading becomes increasingly important at high frequencies and it is important to use the shortest possible ground lead to minimize inductance. The probe will introduce distortion into your measurements unless it has a flat transmitted response throughout the bandwidth of the probe. A flat transmitted response will closely track the signal at the probe tip and pass it to the oscilloscope with minimal degradation.

Nota de aplicação 2011-05-20

Eight Hints for Better Scope Probing
Probing is critical to making quality oscilloscope measurements, and often the probe is the fi rst link in the oscilloscope measurement chain.

Nota de aplicação 2010-10-31

Extending the Range of Keysight InfiniiMax Probes
This application note describes how to extend the operating range of Keysight InfiniiMax probes in voltage, temperature, and distance (reach between probe amplifiers and heads

Nota de aplicação 2009-06-26

Mixed Analog & Digital Signal Debug and Analysis Using a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
Using a mixed analog and digital 32 bit WLAN application example, this note shows how an MSO with deep memory makes debugging today’s mixed analog and digital designs easier than ever before.

Nota de aplicação 2009-06-01

Capturing the Fifth Harmonic: Tradeoffs Between Sampling and Real Time scopes
There is no simple way to decide how much oscilloscope bandwidth you will need. Scope vendors promote a “fifth harmonic” rule of thumb. They suggest you purchase a scope with sufficient bandwidth to capture the fifth harmonic of your signals.

Nota de aplicação 2009-02-20

A Time-Saving Method for Analyzing Signal Integrity in DDR Memory Buses
This application note covers new tools and measurement techniques for characterizing and validating signal integrity of DDR (double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) signals.

Nota de aplicação 2008-09-10

Oscilloscope probing for high-speed signals
The probe is the dominant factor in determining the noise floor and response of your measurement system. Probe loading effects on the circuit under test are also a critical consideration.

Nota de aplicação 2008-09-03

The Truth About The Fidelity of High Bandwidth Voltage Probes, AN 1404
An analysis of high-bandwidth voltage probes that reveals a fundamental tradeoff between fidelity and ease of use that exists with all high-bandwidth probes.

Nota de aplicação 2008-06-20

Demystifying Deep Memory Oscilloscopes
Let’s start with a simple question. In which of today’s technologies is only kBytes (kB) of memory acceptable? The RAM capacity of your new 3GHz Pentium D computer? The storage capacity of your MP3 player? Your oscilloscope?

Nota de aplicação 2008-01-30

Integrated Debugging-A New Approach to Troubleshooting Your Designs with Real-Time Oscilloscopes
Traditional debugging can be time consuming and inefficient. With Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes, “integrated debugging” is a reality, and it leads you directly to the root cause of problems.

Nota de aplicação 2008-01-30

Using Clock Jitter Analysis to Reduce BER in Serial Data Applications
This Application Note emphasizes on the emerging techniques for reference clock jitter analysis from the perspective of oscillator physics, phase noise theory, and serial data technology.

Nota de aplicação 2006-12-01

1160 Series Miniature Passive Oscilloscope Probes User's Guide
The Keysight 1160-series family of miniature passive probes offers modular construction and improved reliability. Modular construction allows individual replacement of probe tips.

Manual do usuário 2006-11-20

Debugging USB 2.0: It's Not Just A Digital World (AN 1382-3)
Debugging USB 2.0 Systems

Nota de aplicação 2006-10-05

Analyzing Jitter Using Keysight EZJIT Plus Software
EZJIT Plus is an optional jitter analysis software package that supports Infiniium DSO80000 real-time oscilloscopes from Keysight Technologies, Inc., and it performs RJ/DJ analysis. EZJIT

Nota de aplicação 2005-09-15

Infiniium 54830 Series Oscilloscopes
Mixed-signal Infiniium oscilloscope models, makes it faster and easier than ever to see what's happening in your high-speed, mixed-signal design.

Folha de Dados 2005-08-10

Help System for the 54830 Series Oscilloscopes
This is a zipped Microsoft Windows® format help file. Extract this file to a Local Disk (a Windows security requirement); on Windows XP, you may have to open the file's Properties dialog and Unblock the file before opening.

Arquivo de ajuda 2005-04-14

ZIP ZIP 13.88 MB

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