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N4373C 40/50/67 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer

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Principais recursos e especificações

Absolute frequency response accuracy

  • ± 1.2 dB @ 50 GHz (typ)
  • ± 1.8 dB @ 65 GHz (typ)

Relative frequency response accuracy

  • ± 0.8 dB @ 50 GHz (typ)
  • ± 1.3 dB @ 65 GHz (typ)

Noise floor

  • -60(55) dB(A/W) for O/E measurements @ 50(65) GHz
  • -64(59) dB(W/A) for E/O measurements @ 50(65) GHz


Lightwave Component Analyzer Software Version 2.3

With up to 67 GHz modulation frequency range and excellent accuracy, the N4373C supports S-parameter test of electro-optical components for IEEE 802.3ba transmission systems, as well as Radio over Fiber (RoF) and aerospace and defense (A&D) applications in the 60 GHz frequency range.

Fastest time to market can be achieved by testing electro-optical S-Parameter with the N4373C and lets you focus on developing your high performance components.

Quick and easy measurement setup increases productivity as time-consuming electrical calibration steps are automated and optical calibration by the operator is no longer necessary.

Additional Benefits:

  • Balanced measurements now up to 67 GHz (new)
  • External optical source input for test at all wavelength between 1300 and 1600 nm
  • 1310 & 1550 nm selectable internal transmitter to support IEEE 802.3ba component test
  • Built-in average power meter for fast transmitter power test
  • User selectable optical transmitter output power helps to adapt to target test conditions
  • More then 10 times faster than 86030A speeds up productivity