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E5614A Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
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Note: Model number E5614 has been discontinued; however, the Linearizer DesignGuide feature/capability is now included in the W2301 Circuit Envelope Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The Linearizer DesignGuide contains many templates that can assist developers in designing a linearizer to meet performance specifications for non-linear circuits. This DesignGuide provides a complete tool kit to interactively explore dynamic linearization systems at the top level as part of an integrated design process.

Linearizer DesignGuide illustrates the following Linearization techniques:

  • Feedforward
  • LINC
  • Cartesian Feedback
  • Digital Predistortion

Product Highlights:

  • Digital Predistortion of Hardware using Connected ESG and VSA
  • FeedForward eight-step design process
  • FeedForward IS-95 CDMA, pi/4 DQPSK, 16 QAM and CDMA 2000
  • Reverse Link
  • RF Predistortion six-step design process
  • RF Predistortion IS-95 CDMA and pi/4 DQPSK, 16 QAM
  • Combined FeedForward and Predistortion ten-step design process
  • LINC design five-step design process
  • LINC design pi/4 DQPSK, IS-95 CDMA and 16 QAM simulations
  • Analog Predistortion cubic law three-step design process
  • Analog Predistortion square law three-step design process
  • Cartesian feedback pi/4 DQPSK, IS-95 CDMA and 16 QAM simulations
  • Digital Predistortion six-step design process
  • Digital Predistortion CMDA 2000 Reverse Link, IS-95 CDMA, pi/4
  • DQPSK and 16 QAM
  • Short Time/ Long Time Constant Memory Effects
  • ACPR optimization technique
  • Gradient optimization technique

E5614 Image

Product Description:
The schematics in Linearizer DesignGuide help demonstrate the performance that can be achieved through linearization. User-defined subcircuits can replace the individual components such as the couplers, auxiliary amplifier, combiners, and complex correlators. Parameters including the operating frequency and power level are user definable. The linearization techniques generally consist of steps should be followed to better understand the design procedure and ultimately realize an optimized linearized power amplifier. The steps are also used to demonstrate sensitivity and adaptation techniques.
For Digital Predistortion, schematics and menu-driven coefficient data file management functions are provided to linearize an actual hardware power amplifier. In this mode, ADS is connected to and operates an ESG signal generator and a Vector Signal Analyzer to implement a full closed-loop adaptive digital predistortion linearizer.