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E8869L Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível


E8869 Image

Note: Model number E8869 has been discontinued; however, the Mobile WiMAX™ Wireless Library feature/capability is now included in the W2365 Wireless Networking Libraries Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The IEEE 802.16e standard, often referred to as Mobile WiMAX, specifies air interfaces for broadband wireless access (BWA) systems. The standard is expected to energize the BWA industry and open many opportunities to deploy systems in applications that were previously cost-prohibitive. Mobile WiMAX utilizes roaming and handoff to enable laptop and mobile phones operation.

Product Highlights:

  • Configure TDD/FDD frames for downlink and uplink
  • Flexible configuration of zones, bursts and MAC PDUs
  • Choice of 512, 1024, or 2048 FFT sizes with variable bandwidths
  • FCH, DL-MAP, UL-MAP, DCD, UCD and Compressed DL/UL MAP automatically generated in downlink
  • Standards-based, raw, or fully coded data
  • PUSC, FUSC and OFUSC permutation zones for downlink, PUSC and OPUSC permutation zones for uplink
  • Channel coding: CC (Convolutional coding) and CTC (Convolutional turbo coding)
  • CC and CTC decoding with soft decision (with channel state information - CSI)
  • Flexible configuration of ranging, fast-feedback and HARQ-ACK Channels in uplink source
  • STC/MIMO with 2 antennas sources and receivers for both downlink and uplink
  • Uplink Collaborative MIMO (SM) source with one antenna
  • STC/MIMO decoding (with ZF and MMSE) in the STC/MIMO receivers
  • SUI channel model, ITU channel model and Mobile WiMAX MIMO channel model
  • Pre-configured downlink and uplink test benches for WiMAX™ and WiBro standard

Product Description:
Keysight's 802.16e Mobile WiMAX wireless library provides signal processing models and preconfigured simulation setups for Keysight's Advanced Design System EDA software. Keysight's Mobile WiMAX library provides signal sources and receivers to facilitate simulation of fully coded systems. The models and simulation test benches can be used as an analysis framework for simulation and verification of baseband algorithms, digital baseband/IF systems, and verification RF circuitry used in mobile BWA designs.

Keysight's 802.16e Mobile WiMAX wireless library also can be imported into Keysight's RF Design Environment (RFDE), allowing RFIC designers to access Mobile WiMAX test benches within the Cadence Virtuo Custom IC platform through links developed as one result of the ongoing alliance between Keysight and Cadence.

This Mobile WiMAX wireless library enables you to easily create waveforms that comply with Wireless MAN-OFDMA PHY in the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. Both the Mobile WiMAX SISO (Single Input Single Output) and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems are supported. Moreover, this library provides transmitter measurements (such as EVM, CCDF and etc.) and receiver measurements (such as receiver sensitivity, BER and etc.).

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