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E8951A Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível


E8951A Image

Note: Model number E8951A has been discontinued; however, the Multilayer Interconnect Models feature/capability is now included in the W2200 Advanced Design System (ADS) Core

The information below is provided for reference only.

E8951A Multilayer Interconnect Models provides models for multiple coupled lines used in multilayer structures such as printed circuit boards, multichip devices, and IC packages.

Product Highlights:

  • Multilayer structure definition for PCB, MCM, or IC package analysis
  • Simulations can run directly from schematics as opposed to EM analysis of layouts
  • Complex structure definition beyond basic microstrip or stripline configurations

Product Description:
E8951A Multilayer Interconnect Models improves analysis speed for anticipating layout effects, without requiring the Momentum Planar EM simulator. However, there is a resultant trade off in simulation speed vs. accuracy. The effects of impedance, loss, crosstalk, and delay are modeled with the simplified underlying 2-D electromagnetic field solver associated with these models.

E8951 Image

These models are also a superset of the printed circuit board models included in the Linear Simulator module. Key advantages over these models are easier parameter entry, more available model configurations, and the ability to have models on multiple layers. With the flexible multilayer substrate definition, you choose how many layers the substrate will have and the parameters that describe a vertical cross section of the multilayer structure.