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What's New in Genesys Release 2007.03

Totally New

  • LiveReport Page - A notebook that collects live views of schematics, graphs, equations, notes, and tables into a single page.
  • On-Screen Parameter Editing - A small editing interface in Schematic that can edit multiple parts simultaneously or single parts in sequence quickly and easily.
  • Multisource model - A new SPECTRASYS model that lets you aggregate multiple system sources into a single part.


  • Analyses - All analyses now only update the cached default if allowed by the user clicking "Save as Favorite".
  • Dataset - Datasets can be hidden from the tree to improve usability. Display font selection. Mousewheel support.
  • Equations - Color coding syntax for equation editing. Line numbers. Units of measure used in equation variable display. Display font selection. Right-click graph and table of any equation variable. Added equation snapshots to data. Print support. Added support for Analysis.var syntax to find the dataset of an analysis. New linearinterp, unwrap functions. Values are shown with units in the variable view.
  • Export - Implemented text netlist export.
  • Graph - Added 4 new tools. Improved the keyboard accelerators. Added favorite axis settings recall. Improved menus. Some speedups. Implemented cut/copy/paste of annotations.
  • Import - Now support import of Touchstone S-Data files.
  • HARBEC - Improved phase noise results in the low frequency ranges. Added Jacobian Harmonic Factor selection.
  • Licensing - Switched to new licensing subsystem that should improve hardware key detection (and add native Vista and XP64 support).
  • Models - Added 17 new nonlinear models; these models formerly required the Verilog-A compiler.
  • Optimization - Exposed the internal tweak settings via a new properties page named Method.
  • Part Libraries - S-Data parts now automatically decompress the S-Data when first used.
  • Schematic - Added 9 tools. Added ability to open subnetwork and model/symbol library per part. Added Copy To Library for parts on a schematic. Added ability to view unshown parameters. Improved menus. Some speedups. Fixed copy of selection.
  • Scripts - New show/hide script processor tool. Color coding for script syntax. Line numbers. Print support.
  • Signal Control - Now uses display units.
  • SPECTRASYS - Added multisource. Added path-specific channel frequency analysis. Added reference clock setting to all sources. New Intermod Wizard for setting up intermod analyses. Added stage and cascaded compression measurements. Added input and output P1dB measurements. Updated table mixers to support negative values.
  • Status Dialog - The status dialog now runs in its own thread and is much more responsive and uses less processor time.
  • Synthesis - Added options to disable automatic frequency resetting. Improved optimization settings to support default units.
  • Substrates - If no substrate is found, a "warned" default of the first substrate in the workspace is used.
  • Tables - Movable columns. Display font selection. Mousewheel support. Multipage print support.
  • Testlink - Added dataset name and Analysis name to testlink interface.
  • Tuning Window - Improved User Interface slightly with a new remove checkpoint button.
  • WhatIF - Some slight usability improvements to prompts.
  • Misc - Added disable demo authorization checkbox for startup speed. Added Fit Windows to Frame and Show/Hide Dockers tool-buttons.