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W1416L Former Product Number

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
Este produto não se encontra disponível

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W1416L top image

Note: Model number W1416L has been discontinued for sale but is still under support. The Genesys Nonlinear Pro capability is now included in the following low-price, high-performance Genesys bundles:

For a comparison of all Genesys bundles, refer to the Genesys Product Structure and Options page.

Note: The information below is provided for reference only.

Genesys Nonlinear Pro combines nonlinear harmonic balance with planar EM to give self-supporting RF & microwave designers the accuracy they need to create a wide variety of high-performance components and subsystems in less time, with less budget, using fewer prototypes.

Why you need Genesys Nonlinear Pro

Genesys Nonlinear Pro combines two enabling technologies -- nonlinear RF circuit simulation and tightly integrated planar EM -- in a compact, affordable physical design environment. It allows designers to work to higher frequencies, and overcome the device and layout characteristics that cause high-frequency amplifiers, receivers, oscillators, and other components to fail performance specifications.

Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software

What Can I Design with Genesys Nonlinear Pro?

All the Linear capability of the W1410 Genesys Core, plus:

  • Large-signal amplifier design of all classes, including:
  • Bias-dependence, and active bias-compensation schemes.
    -Power-dependence, AM2AM, and AM2PM effects, with unlimited number of fundamental tones
  • Image-reject, balanced & unbalanced mixers, modulators, and demodulators
  • Oscillators, including varactor-tuned, Hi-Q, and microwave oscillator types.
  • Frequency multipliers
  • Active switches and attenuators
  • Full transceivers
  • RF circuits with physical models for baluns, chokes, transformers, and more.
  • High-yield designs using design-for-manufacturing techniques and commercial SMT parts libraries, with physical layout parasitics, such as pad capacitances and trace interconnects.
  • Optimize for performance factors such as Gain, Efficiency, IP3, Noise Figure, Compression, Output power, Phase Shift, Conversion Gain, Desensitization, and more.
  • With the W1603L Empower planar-3D EM simulator, you can co-simulate between circuit and EM to include layout parasitics and interconnects in your filter, matching, and board designs. (For even more capacity, upgrade to the W1610 Momentum GX simulator)

Genesys Nonlinear Pro includes

Product Model Description
  Genesys Core W1410L Core linear design environment
  Harbec (Harmonic Balance) W1602L Harmonic balance non-linear simulator
  Genesys Empower Simulation W1603L Planar EM simulator