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Principais recursos e especificações

  • DC, CV and RF extraction for BSIM3v3.3 with methods for modeling high-frequency effects for MOS/CMOS
  • Robust, direct extraction procedures used to find best initial values for optimizers thereby removing the need for excessive optimization and tuning steps
  • Flexible, customizable extraction flow
  • Windows-style data visualization, optimization and tuning
  • Shared user interface environment with extraction package products available for other industry standard models including BSIM4, BSIMSOI4, PSP, HiSIM2 and HiSIM_HV. The common measurement module enables you to use measurements to extract any of these models.


Note: Model number 85194E has been discontinued; however, the feature/capability is now included in the W8553EP/ET.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The BSIM3 Model Extraction Package (85194EL) provides complete measurement and extraction procedures for DC, CV and RF model parameters. The intuitive, Windows-style user interface enables engineers to quickly produce an accurate model. The package was developed by AdMOS using features available in the IC-CAP software environment (85199A). Please click here for more information about AdMOS 

85194E Image