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86108A Precision Waveform Analyzer

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Principais recursos e especificações

Key features

  • High bandwidth, low noise, ultra-low residual jitter view the 86108A overview video
  • Simple one connection "triggerless" operation
  • PLL characterization including loop BW/jitter transfer
  • Integrated HW clock recovery with adjustable loop BW/Peaking-exceeds industry standards for SSC tracking

Serial bus measurements

  • Easy setup for serial bus differential signaling (PCI-EXPRESS®, SATA etc.)


  • 86100C Infiniium DCA-J Mainframe
  • 86100D Infiniium DCA-X Mainframe


Accuracy and ease-of-use for high-speed digital communications signals. The 86108A Precision Waveform Analyzer is a plug-in module used with the 86100D DCA-X and 86100C DCA-J mainframes. The 86108A has a bandwidth in excess of 33 GHz, channel noise of less than 300 uV, and residual jitter at an astounding level of under 100 femtoseconds (60 fs typical). Integrated clock recovery provides a 'triggerless' single connection measurement on signals from 50Mb/s-14.2Gb/s*, and any rate in between. Perform analysis even in the presence of spread-spectrum clocking.

* Requires 86100C DCA-J Firmware Revision A.08.10 or later