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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Compliance application support for USB, DDR and Ethernet
  • Application test setup wizard guides you through test selection, configuration, connection, running the tests, and results reporting
  • Measurement connection setup guides you through connecting to your device
  • Application automatically configures the scope for each measurement
  • Test report saves the results, pass/fail status, margin analysis, and waveforms


With today's common DDR, USB and Ethernet technologies adopted widely for device-to-device or chip-to-chip interconnect, you are faced with a huge task of compliance testing. This means making many complicated tests in a short amount of time to verify whether the design is meeting the standard specifications. A standard oscilloscope no longer does the job.

The compliance application analyzer is an oscilloscope measurement system optimized for these compliance measurement tasks. The system is built around an Infiniium 8000 Series oscilloscope and InfiniiMax probes. The oscilloscope includes DDR, USB and Ethernet compliance software as well as low-speed serial data analysis software and InfiniiScan event identication software at an attractive price.

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