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89601X VXA Signal Analyzer Measurement Application

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Principais recursos e especificações


The VXA vector signal analyzer measurement application helps you verify product designs and ensure product quality through a deep, flexible set of tools that put comprehensive vector signal analysis in the test rack. Operating within a Keysight X-Series signal analyzer, VXA even lets you tweak and tune its standard measurements or create new ones.

Prove the design before release
For design verification engineers

  • Choose from more than 30 demodulators including: 2-16 FSK, PSK, and 16-1024QAM
  • Use advanced power measurements: ACP, channel and burst power, OBW, CCDF
  • Take advantage of time-gating, coupled markers, multiple displays
  • Easily build tests to quickly verify performance to specifications
  • Modify and customize VXA’s standard measurements for unique tests
  • Automate all the tests with SCPI programmability

Prove the product in manufacturing
For manufacturing engineers

  • Take advantage of the industry-leading speed of the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers - up to 300% faster than other signal analyzers
  • Use familiar SCPI programming and LAN/LXI connectivity
  • Directly leverage R&D and design-verification results to identify the minimum set of production tests

Troubleshoot products, designs, and signals
For R&D engineers

  • Completely characterize signals with a wide range of measurements, demodulation types, and filters
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative signal analysis through flexible displays and markers
  • Access Vector Signal Analysis capabilities through familiar X-Series front-panel operation

Advanced Measurement Options
Option 205:  Basic VSA-Lite (required)
The foundation of all other measurement options in the VXA measurement application. 

Option 333:  X-Series analyzer connectivity (required)
Provides the internal software connection between the VXA software measurement application and the X-Series signal analyzers. Available with transportable license.

Option AYA: Vector modulation analysis
Test and characterize most single carrier, single modulation signals. Available with transportable license.

Option B7R: WLAN modulation analysis (Available only on MXA/EXA/PXA)
Analyze 802.11a, b, g, j (WLAN) signals. Available with transportable license.

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