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89601A-105 Dynamic Link to ADS/SystemVue

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
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Principais recursos e especificações

Analyze computational data produced by an ADS model or link real-world data to a model

Source component support

  • Output data type: Timed, frequency, demod errors, complex scalar, float scalar, integer scalar
  • Output control type: Data gap indicator

Sink component support

  • Input data type: Float, complex, Timed - Baseband, Timed - ComplexEnv


The software enables tight, interactive integration with Keysight EEsof Advanced Design System to analyze simulation results.

Live interactive analysis of results

  • Simply drag the VSA icon to the desired spot in the schematic to dynamically link the software to any point in the digital model and start measuring
  • Analyze measured data from Keysight signal analyzers or computational data produced by an ADS model
  • Record measured or computed data from ADS and play it back for further analysis

Make measurements and evaluate your system with “virtual hardware”

  • Uncover system problems before hardware even exists
  • Link real-world signals acquired by the 89600 software to the ADS simulation to provide an actual signal environment for your designs
  • Substitute simulation results for real DUT measurements or provide real hardware measurements as data input to simulations

Mix and Match simulated and measured results to evaluate your system

  • Create signals with ADS simulation results, output them via the ESG signal generator, and provide a signal source to your prototype hardware
  • Measure the output of real prototype hardware with the software to provide a signal source to a simulation

Gain greater insight with the powerful signal analysis capabilities of the 89601A software

  • High resolution spectrum analysis
  • Advanced general purpose and standard-specific modulation analysis options
  • An extensive suite of time-domain analysis tools for burst analysis
  • Compatible with more than 30 Keysight signal analyzers, scopes, and logic analyzers