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Principais recursos e especificações

Ease of Use

  • Pre-defined graphical user interface shorten users learning curve
  • The automatic debug feature slashes debugging time from days to just a few hours with the click of a button

Test Coverage

  • Increase test coverage through our award winning iVTEP and the new Network Parameter Measurement Technology.

Automatic Guard

  • The automatic node-guarding feature eliminates the need for manual checks of schematics for guard points helps reduces overall debug time.

Investment Protection

  • Compatible with most MDA fixtures, this system provides investment protection for manufacturers who wish to upgrade their existing MDAs to obtain greater test capabilities.


The U9401A is a cost effective in-circuit test (ICT) system that provides users with an affordable option which accepts a typical MDA-type fixture with cable connections.

The i1000 P single module design can supports up to a total of 35 unmux analog pin cards with a total of 2240 node count.

A user friendly graphical user interface that is not only easy to use, but allow user to view real time FPY (First Pass Yield) at a glance.

The probe pin locator feature allows users to easily locate the failing device or pins by highlighting them.