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  • The Keysight Application Analyzer helps network professionals identify and resolve application- and service-related problems across the entire IP network; everything from a single location. It is a fully distributed IP network performance analysis tool that provides visibility into end-to-end network, application and service performance from anywhere on the network.
  • Client-Level Visibility.

Main Benefits

Application Analyzer increases the overall productivity of network professionals by allowing them to better utilize their networks through increased network performance and reliability, while reducing the resources needed to manage the network.

  • Verify end-to-end application and service performance on the network from a single location.
  • Resolve hard-to-diagnose performance problems in minutes, instead of hours.
  • Verify network, application and service performance to the desktop, for every user and customer.
  • Speed up the deployment of new networks, applications and services.
  • Advanced fault isolation capabilities by integrating Application Analyzer's traffic generation capabilities with network monitoring capabilities.
  • Leverage Cisco SAA® elements by combining Application Analyzer tests with Cisco SAA® tests.
  • Any transport mechanism can be used, no matter if it is LAN, ATM, Frame Relay, wireless, etc.
  • Operates across the "extended enterprise" network that encompasses VPNs, telecommuters and business partners.

General Specifications

  • Distributed test analysis of network application performance
  • For network assessment, installation and troubleshooting
  • The number of concurrent active agents is 10
  • Enables tests to be run periodically for 7 days
  • Runs on Windows 2000
  • Reports on line
  • Notifies results by sending SNMP traps, e-mail or executing a command
  • Includes Silver plan support for one year
  • Test included:
    - End-to-End network application analysis
    - Basic Networked Applications
    - One-way delay measurement (without GPS)

Application Analyzer Screen Shots



  • End-to-End network performance analysis for different traffic profiles.
  • Analysis of the performance of mainstream applications and services. (HTTP, FTP, SQL, SMTP, POP, DHCP and others) over the network.
  • Automated periodic test repetition - Automatically presents network performance measurements over time and for different end-user usage loads.
  • Testing of Quality of Service handling using both DiffServ and TOS/COS bits - Provides a true picture of how the existing network handles traffic with different QoS settings.
  • Remotely installable and Web browser-based software agents - Fast, easy, flexible, and inexpensive system deployment.
  • Can be operated from anywhere on the network.
  • Advanced scripting available via a command line interface.
  • Preinstalled tests for end-to-end network and application performance.
  • Remote-control and real-time availability reporting of all agents - Complete control.
  • Interact with RMON elements in the network to create a complete end-to-end view of the network that include network devices connecting the remote end points being tested.
  • Powerful and flexible report generation, including Web browser access to all reports - Complete and flexible access to network knowledge.
  • Enables verifying performance outside firewall boundaries.