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W1130AZ T&M Programmers Toolkit 1.0/1.1 for Visual Studio

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T&M Software Tools for Visual Studio


W1130AZ is the T&M Toolkit 1.0/1.1 Annual Right to Use license. The product includes the use of a single node-locked development license for one year and unlimited runtime distribution. In addition, support and updates are included.

T&M Programmers Toolkit is an add-in for Visual Studio to provide test and measurement tools to help you cut your programming time.

With the T&M Toolkit, you can eliminate the headaches traditionally associated with connecting to and controlling instruments. Project Wizards provide instrument and system control program building blocks. The Instrument Explorer automatically generates code as you take advantage of the Windows® functionality like drag and drop to make many tasks faster and easier. Robust debugging, analysis and tuning tools further streamline the development process.

Windows is U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


  • Project Wizards - Help you get started quickly
  • Instrument Explorer - Finds instruments and helps you easily manage instruments and drivers
  • Instrument Icon drag and drop capability - Saves you programming time and effort
  • Data Analysis and Graph Display - Analyzes and displays data collected from the instrument
  • I/O Monitor - Insight and help with debugging instrument connection
  • VEE Connect Wizard - Integrate with other environments
  • Fully integrated help - Gives help when you need it and lowers your programming learning curve
  • Managed C++ support (part of Toolkit 1.1)
  • USB instrument support (part of Toolkit 1.1)