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N4051A/52A System Hardware Warranty and Support Options

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From a comprehensive, uptime-focused warranty to an assortment of start-up, repair and calibration services, Keysight has a support solution to ensure you get the most from your N4051A/52A test system.

N4051A/52A Test System Warranty

Ensuring that your systems remain up and running at peak performance is critical to your operations. Keysight's global customer support team will help optimize the performance of your N4051A/52A system with a 12-month Cooperative System Warranty. You also have the option to convert to a 12-month On-site System Warranty for an additional cost.

Cooperative System Warranty: The Cooperative System Warranty combines Keysight's remote technical expertise and your own resources to quickly diagnose and repair any test system problems.

On-Site System Warranty: The On-site System Warranty provides next-business day, on-site response (8x5) to troubleshoot and resolve any test system problems. Contact your Keysight Sales Office for availability in your area.

Installation Service: Keysight's Installation Service will ensure that your system will be functioning properly and ready to use as soon as possible after delivery.

Support Contracts and Calibration Services

Keysight can help you ensure high system uptime beyond the warranty period with the following support contracts and calibration services that can be purchased upfront with your test system or at the end of the warranty period.

Cooperative Support Service: A Keysight Cooperative Support Service contract puts you in control and gives you the support you need, when needed. Cooperative Support is a flexible solution designed for customers who maintain their own systems and rely on Keysight for training, replacement parts, disgnostic support tools, repair documentation, and remote backup support.

Options Available: 03W - Cooperative Support with Parts Replenishment / 8x5 support coverage

On-Site Support Service: A Keysight On-Site Support Service contract provides all labor, parts, and materials necessary to maintain your test system in good operating condition.

Options Available: 09C - Next Day on-site support (next day response time between 8am - 5pm, business days)

Calibration Services