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E443xB Series Option 200 3GPP W-CDMA Firmware Personality for the Real-time Baseband Generator

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Generate a fully coded multichannel W-CDMA signal compliant with the latest 3GPP standards using 200. By utilizing the real-time I/Q baseband generation, UN8, this firmware option provides the capability to perform mobile and base station receiver tests (for example, BERT), baseband tests, and some component tests. This option complements the existing 100, which provides a partially coded multi-carrier W-CDMA signal used primarily for component testing.


  • Fully coded downlink signal with continuous PN sequences for BLER/BER testing
  • User adjustable coding parameters from the front panel (convolutional/turbo coding, rate matching, interleaving, etc.)
  • 12.2, 64, 144, 384 kbps reference measurement channels with data selection of continuous PN9, 4-bit repeating pattern, and user defined files
  • Data insertion at the transport layer (DCH) or the physical layer (DPDCH), which allows different stages of testing
  • Up to six DCH transport channels on one DPCH
  • Fully coded downlink channels include: CPICH, P-SCH, S-SCH, PCCPCH, DPCH, OCNS, and PICH
  • Downlink supports 64 k UDI (ISDN), AMR 12.2 kbps
  • Uplink supports DPDCH and DPCCH, 64 k UDI, AMR 12.2 k channel and allows synchronization to system frame number reset or frame trigger

Installation Requirements