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E443xB Series Option 406 Signal Studio for Bluetooth®

Status do Produto: Obsoleto | Veja opções de Serviço
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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Quickly create Bluetooth waveforms from the intuitive user interface
  • Configure fully coded Bluetooth packets and Bluetooth modulated data streams
  • Packet types: DH1, DH3, DH5, DM1, DM3, DM5, AUX1, HV1, HV2, HV3, NULL, POLL, ID
  • Add a user file as the payload data pattern
  • Standards-based dirty transmitter test setup for receiver sensitivity tests: supports DH1 and DH3 packet types
  • Signal impairments: carrier frequency offset, linear and sinusoidal carrier frequency drift, symbol timing error, modulation index, AWGN
  • Simplifies BER testing
  • Plot BER versus clock/gate delay
  • Plot the I/Q signals, spectrum, and CCDF curve 


Signal Studio for Bluetooth simplifies your role in creating Bluetooth test signals for use with the E443xB ESG signal generator. Rather than spending valuable time creating your own Bluetooth test signals, use the software to create fully coded, standards-based Bluetooth packets and Bluetooth modulated data streams. Signals can easily be configured in an intuitive graphical interface to perform various transmitter and receiver tests at RF and baseband.

Download Signal Studio to a PC to evaluate the signal configuration and plotting capabilities of the software. A license key is required to load the waveforms created by the software into the E443xB ESG signal generator. The license key can be ordered through your sales engineer or the nearest sales office, which can be found at