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FSI-60019 FSI-60019 USB 1.1 Bus Analysis Probe

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Principais recursos e especificações

Analysis Probe Configuration

  • Operates at high-speed (12Mbits/s) or low-speed (1.5Mbits/s), including dynamic speed changing
  • 4 GHz Timing Analysis
  • Supports all types of data transfers, including isochronous transfers


  • Passive USB bus analysis for USB 1.1
  • With automatic detection capability
  • Address and end point specified in token packet held until transfer completes
  • Easy triggering, store qualification and performance monitoring of specific end points


This product is available from FuturePlus Systems Corp. as model FS4100 

This product works with Keysight logic analyzers and can be ordered directly from FuturePlus Systems, a strategic Keysight Channel Partner. This product is no longer sold through Keysight Technologies.

FuturePlus Systems offers bus analysis probes for memory, graphics, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, USB, , Serial Rapid IO, and other standard buses.

The FS4100 USB Analysis Probe supports USB 1.1 with data rates of 1.5 Mb/s and 12 MB/s. It protocol decode of USB traffic, 4 GHz timing analysis and a quick non-intrusive connection to the USB bus.

Additional test connections allow use of an oscilloscope for power and signal integrity measurements.

Contact Information: FuturePlus Systems Corporation, 6455 North Union Blvd. Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5844 Phone: (719) 278-3540 Fax: (719) 278-9586

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