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GS-8000 Wireless Appliance Functional Test Solution

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • A complete functional test solution customized to cope with your changing needs over time
  • Optimized for device calibration and performance testing at the circuit board and assembled product level
  • Support and test knowledge available anywhere in the world where you decide to manufacture
  • The GS-8000 is designed to accommodate your reference design choices
  • Fewer test decisions and investments reduce your cost of test per unit


The new Keysight GS-8000 Functional Test Solution is for customers wanting to succeed in the wireless appliance manufacturing marketplace. If your goal is to take a new wireless device from design to high volume manufacturing quickly or you are broadening the wireless products that you want to manufacture with the latest and greatest technology, then look no further. The GS-8000 is tailored just for you by our worldwide delivery teams to significantly drive down your cost of test and increase the speed at which you get these new products to market.

Keeping up with ever-changing technologies:

The GS-8000 is designed to cope with your design and technology changes now and in the future. Whether these changes are protocol related (GSM/GPRS/CDMA and 3G Third Generation wireless technology) or user interface features (i.e stereo audio) the GS-8000 is flexible and will adapt to your changing needs. A combination of these features designed in the Keysight solution will not only protect your investment, but will also give you an overall lower cost of test.

Keysight will help you protect your investment:

Keysight's relationships with key Reference Design Providers assure you that our solution copes with current and future designs for your marketplace. If you decide to use a reference design without modification, the GS-8000 system has been created to test the devices with minimal customization. If you need to change the reference design mechanical, electrical or firmware features, Keysight will provide low-cost and easy to change adaptations to your systems such as:

- Selecting different tests

- Test parameters

- Mechanical adaptation in the fixturing

- Update in protocols for reference designs

Local support with global knowledge:

Our local delivery team will work with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs and growing business environment. For example, we can customize the fixtures, device under test (DUT) calibration software, phone interface and work through non-standard measurements and test optimization problems with the help of our local team.