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E8481A 2-Wire, 4x32 Relay Matrix Switch

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See the new 34980A multifunction Switch Measure Unit as a new low-cost alternative. Click here

The Keysight E8481A 2-Wire 4x32 Relay Matrix Switch is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. This module switches each crosspoint -- both high and low. You can store up to 511 complete channel lists, or complete matrix configurations of opened/closed switches, in on-board E8481A memory. This allows switch module states to be recalled quickly and easily without long, complex programming commands. The Keysight E8481A is ideal for switching signals to oscilloscopes, counters, and signal sources in your test system.

E8481A works with two types of Keysight QUIC terminal blocks. The SMB connector terminal block (Option 105) should be used for single-ended systems and higher frequencies. The screw terminal block (Option 106) should be used for two-wire systems and lower frequencies. Either terminal block must be ordered separately as an option to the E8481A; the standard E8481A includes no terminal block.

  • 1-Slot, C-size, register based
  • Ideal for signal switching up to 70 MHz at 4x16, or 50 MHz at 4x32
  • Flexible dual 4x16 or single 4x32 2-wire matrix
  • More than 500 channel lists can be downloaded into onboard memory
  • Includes Keysight QUIC easy-to-use terminal blocks
  • Non-latching reed relays