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E7477A cdma2000® Drive Test System

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The E7477A cdma2000 Drive-Test System enables wireless service providers and network equipment manufacturers to turn-up their cdma2000 networks faster and to optimize network performance while minimizing the time and effort required to do so. The E7477A cdma2000 receiver-based drive test solution provides key contributions for allowing you to be the first to market with your 3G solutions. These contributions include the following: 

  • Provides a receiver-based solution, independent of the network, to aid in finding network problems quickly
  • Supports the following frequency bands: 850MHz, 1.8GHz, and 1.9GHz using 1XRTT/SR1
  • Provides a portable and rugged receiver for easy network deployment, including the ability to perform drive test functionality in pedestrian settings as found in large metropolitan areas, where traditional drive testing is not feasible
  • Utilizes a scalable drive test platform architecture that allows the addition of up to four digital receivers, supports expansion to support up to four 3G cdma2000 phones when available, and provides evolving platform solutions as the network matures. Using the scalable and evolving drive test platform protects your initial drive test investment
  • Provides automatic software alarm capability to aid in detecting network problems as they occur
  • Builds upon Keysight's proven 2G drive test solutions while evolving the existing platform to meet the growing needs of 3G networks and applications
  • Provides a cross technology capability that allows current second generation providers (IS-95 & GSM) to migrate to third generation technologies without having to purchase entirely new optimization tools. Purchasing Keysight's drive test solutions protects your initial investment